Visiting Rome? We can enjoy shopping here together....feeling part of the unique, relaxed creative atmosphere that you will not find anywhere else in the world.

As part of our time together we will enjoy a break for a fashionable lunch, possibly followed by evening apparativo somewhere special at the end of our memorable shopping day.

As a designer, my role within my label has enabled me to intuitively help clients make wonderful purchases that have the power to transform their wardrobe.

I am now offering this expertise to visitors to Rome. I enjoy taking a personal interest in each of my clients, and love exploring what fashion in Rome has to offer, it is a totally unique, and fun experience.

After we meet I will know exactly which shops to take you, bearing in mind what you are looking for.

For me it is a treat to introduce clients to Rome's top designer labels, as well as the artisan and creative niche labels, to enjoy the experience of finding exactly the right special purchases you are looking for, at the same time fully experiencing the great beauty of Rome.

Feel free to contact me directly to book a date and discuss details.


I arrived in beautiful Rome, looking forward to spending just one day of my visit to find the perfect dress to wear to my daughter's wedding. Amanda assisted me to source exactly the right exquisite piece, also advising on small alterations and accessories, the experience a great success, was easy and fun.
Janie Lever Colorado USA

Rome is a treasure trove of art, and fashion! I was delighted to find Amanda was available to take me on a personalised day of shopping. Amanda has the knack of knowing what compliments your body shape and what suits your lifestyle. I would never have found these unique boutiques and lovely lunch bar without her finely honed local knowledge.
Belinda Franks Sydney Australia

Visting Rome, I was eager to find beautiful stylish clothes for work. I contacted Amanda to discuss my brief. The day we spent together was a treat, exploring the designer shops picking up a piece here and a piece there, it all came together beautifully. Amanda certainly has insider knowledge Rome's fashion world.
Pauline Goodyer Sydney Australia

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