Now living in Rome I am delighted and deeply inspired by the experience of life here.

With a background in fashion design, depth of experience developed formally through my own well known store in Sydney, my hometown, including valuable years living and working from my studio in London, and more recently selling my own label to shops in New York and Milan.

I created Amanda Garrett, a bespoke fashion label with focus on a new approach to pared down glamor, also revising traditional bridal wear, to reveal a truly modern aesthetic, which has since been embraced by the fashion world.

Creating my vision of the transformative power of a perfect dress, I have explored the relationship between all elements of the garment and the body of the wearer.

My other interest is in the evolving style and design world, clothes we want to wear now, and the way we wear them, that excite and inspire us, they allow us individuality and to participate in the pleasure of each fashion season, engage us further in all aspects of our lives. These elements are mirrored perfectly in the culture of Italy.

In my work, I enjoy working one to one with various clients, for some, finding the perfect wardrobe to take home from their visit to Rome, for others sourcing brilliant Italian labels for their own shops outside Italy, and of course, working with the beautiful international stores my bridal collection sells to.

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